The State

The Foster Care Timeline

The foster care timeline can be confusing. Check out the timeline below to gain a better understanding of the basic structure of the foster care system.


On the Frontline

Felicia Carter is busy. Sitting behind a desk covered in paperwork, Carter, a county supervisor in Pulaski County, has been on the front lines for years, working to keep Arkansas’s children safe.


Independent Report Takes Issue with Some Cases of Removal

According to a report conducted at the request of the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services, nearly a quarter of children placed in foster care could have been left with their families.


Foster Crisis Combines Abundance of Children with Overworked Employees

As a result of the statewide crisis in the foster care system, foster homes have to do more with much less. Currently, there are over 5,000 children in foster care throughout the state. According to the most recent reports from the Division of Children and Family Services, there are open beds for just over half of the children in foster care.