The Children

A Lost Childhood

Andre Johnson has experienced more than his fair share of adversity.

While the 21-year-old University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) student is in many cases a fantastic example of a former foster child finding success after aging out of the system, his journey has been anything but easy.



A Shelter in the Storm

For those who enter the foster care system, a home is not a guarantee. For the nearly 30 percent of children who do not end up in a home, children’s homes and emergency shelters are only other options. Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Hillcrest Children’s Home is one of the many facilities that house children who cannot be placed with a foster family.


A Lack of Beds Put Children in a Bind

Placement in a foster home is not a guarantee for children who enter the foster care system,. While the number of available beds continues to grow every year, the rate of growth has failed to keep up with a rising number of placements keeping many kids from going to foster homes.


The Stresses of Foster Care Take a Mental Toll on Children

For many foster children, the psychological toll of the foster care system creates issues that can last a lifetime.